WARCODE (GRC) – Interview – 27/04/20 🇬🇧


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Subterráneo Webzine: Opening question. Tell us about yourselves, something related to WARCODE that a fan would not know unless he/she gets to know you.

WARCODE: Well well well… WARCODE is a five piece metal act located in Trikala, Greece. We formed back in 2008, we relased one EP and two full length albums, Vortex of Chaos (2014) and Post-modern delusions (2019). After some lineup changes throughout the years the band consists of Vaios Sven (vocals) , Milt Argyriou and Vasilis Karaoulis (guitars), Dimitris Kontogiannis (bass guitar) and Vasilis Manitsas (drums). We like fast death metal and souvlaki, but who cares… hahaha.

Subterráneo Webzine: Warcode = code of war? Is it the code of the warrior or is it something else? What does it mean to you as a band? 

WARCODE: Hmm, you could say that! WARCODE derives from the words war and code. It refers to the continuous conflict (war) concerning anything in life, individually at a conscious level but also collectively against laws, norms etc that determine the lives of the modern man (code).

Subterráneo Webzine: You have released two albums and one EP in twelve years (I think that is it!) but you haven’t singed with any label. Is it by choice? Were there certain conditions? Or is WARCODE emerging as a band now?

WARCODE: You are correct. We released one EP and two albums. Somehow it was by choice that we released our music by ourselves. Well, we kinda looked for a label but all the few offering deals we got weren’t so offering in the end. We see that the state of modern music business is hilarious! We mean that releasing our music from a certain label just to put the label’s stamp on the album, it doesn’t mean nothing to us. We work so hard, spend s lot of money and time, so we don’t want our music to be kept in storage.

Subterráneo Webzine: Your second and latest album Post-modern delusions was released in September 2019. What do you want to communicate with it? What is the inspirational trigger behind it?

WARCODE: The main trigger of the lyrical composition is consequences of war. War gives birth to hate, pain, everyday problems and discrimination. At least we don’t want to observe in apathy. We see the world getting crazier and crazier and somehow we want to make a stand against all this madness. Musically speaking the album consists of aggressive, fast paced metal which is our cure from everyday routine. We know it sounds cheesy but it’s the vile truth.

Subterráneo Webzine: I get the feeling people are dying for physical formats. Any vinyl release coming?

WARCODE: I think you get the wrong feeling! People are dying for YouTube, Spotify music etc., and video games. Especially the young generation… There are those who still collect physical formats and we thank them! We see the vinyl revival nowadays, and with the right conditions, quality-wise we might release a vinyl in the future.

Subterráneo Webzine: Post-modern delusions is a death/thrash album, more death metal in my view. Is this the representative sound of WARCODE or is it the conjunction of your individual preferences?

WARCODE: We could say that it’s the natural progress after our debut album. Sure it’s more representative of the sound that WARCODE want to put out. But at the same time it depends on individual preferences and musical aspects.

Subterráneo Webzine: Let’s get more specific: Tell us the bands/artists each one of you listens to the most “these days”!

WARCODE: How many pages do you want this article to be? HAHAHA! Just kidding. We would say some bands like, EMPEROR, IMMOLATION, CELESTE, MURDER MADE GOD, RUNNING WILD, IRON MAIDEN, SAXON, SEPULTURA and VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY (VIC).

Subterráneo Webzine: A metal renaissance has been happening for the last few years across almost all genres and I think it will continue. How do you see WARCODE fitting in?

WARCODE: And to think that some mainstream magazines or webzines have published articles concerning the decline of rock and metal music in recent years… Which aside some truths, like the reality that less young people listen to metal like say 10 years ago,  are far from reality! To answer your question… It will be a wildest dream to be a part of this renaissance! For sure we will continue to write music as innovative and true to its roots  as we are able.

Subterráneo Webzine: Extremism in extreme metal: How do WARCODE react to it? What do you think of it?

WARCODE: We absolutely despise every extreme act. We despise fascism, racism, sexism and every kind of discrimination. We do not grow up listening to that kind of bands. That’s all end of story.

Subterráneo Webzine: There are so many festivals taking place every year of all sizes and line-ups. Which would be the festival you would ideally like to join as WARCODE?

WARCODE: Do you want us to name drop? Well we would like to present our music to as much people would like to listen to it. So every stage/venue or festival big or small is ideal for us!

Subterráneo Webzine: I can only thank you for this interview for Subterráneo Webzine. You have the closing remarks and last words.

WARCODE: Shit, the most difficult question of all! We would like to thank you for your time, for this interview and for the chance you gave us to be presented to Subterráneo!

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