TYRANNUS (GBR) – Unslayable, 2022 🇬🇧


Storytelling is virtually essential in the metal world. No matter what kind of metal one plays, eventually your band will tell a story in either just a song or various songs across an album, even perhaps the whole album is one big story. Scotland’s TYRANNUS gives us exactly that with their new LP, Unslayable. Not just lyrically either, it’s musically telling that given enough listens one feels like it’s one big masterful work.

Unslayable starts off with “A Cruel Dream” an easy-going instrumental piece. Think of it as calm before the storm moment for the album. It’s a dreamy number that you’ll wonder if you’ve fallen into a dream world but then slowly what sounds like thunder in the distance is the bass coming in pounding getting your nerves up as if something evil is coming leading us into what are the first three singles.   The first single, “A Worse Reality”, kicks right into high gear. While an abrupt change from what was coming at the end of “A Cruel Dream”, “A Worse Reality” holds its own and brings a flavor that tastes familiar but you’ll want more and it only serves to satisfy. The song builds and builds to what almost could be considered a breakdown between the bass and drums and then you’re hit with a beautiful guitar solo going over everything as if it’s telling a story.

The next single, “The Flood”, continues where the previous one left off. It chomps at the bits with gnashing teeth leading you into the last single, “It Taketh”, which starts to deviate a little from the rest of the album. It gives us a little more melodic elements and instrumental passages. It’s a perfect setup for the small change that is about to take place. We are then given a break in the album for a chance for things to open up and go into uncharted territory.

Much like the first song, song number five, “Lake of the Undying”, is an instrumental song. It comes in with thunder as if completing what “A Cruel Dream” set out to do. We are then greeted by a lone guitar that gives us serenity and peace. This is the change that is about to come. This is where the album shifts. They take a turn into new songs and that keeps this album interesting. While the first half is familiar songs, here I think it is the beginning of the meat and potatoes of the album. Almost as if the album is a story itself. Here we have the title song “Unslayable”.  These next three songs stay consistent with what we are given in the album making it all feel complete. It’s also perfect because if you like to repeat an album once it’s done you’ll have the feeling that it’s a longer album. The final song, “Break the Will of Evil”, if one chooses to, perfectly completes the album.  It feels like a resolution song that can end a show. It has the buildup in the instruments leading to a near drop out with vocals and instruments and a coming in of a chorus that you know is crowd ready to sing along to with the final lyrics being “Break the chains” which I can see both band and crowd screaming out in unison.

Overall Unslayable will cement itself in modern death/black metal. It’s an album that deserves respect from listeners and, hopefully, in time we see them playing with bigger bands that know the way up like GATECREEPER, VENOM PRISON, BLOOD INCANTATION, etc. So what are you waiting for? Put on this album and get drifted away to a world of Lovecraft horror.