THE HYPOTHESIS is a modern melodic death metal band from Finland. Last year 2016 they released their first video, 禄Eye for an eye禄, and they started a tour with WOLFHEART and SWALLOW THE SUN. On May 5th of that same year they released their album Origin. At the end of 2016, they communicated through their social networks that they would attend the Iberian Warrior Metal Festival, a Spanish festival celebrated in the city of Zaragoza. This will be his first time in Spain. We take advantage of the release of the album and the confirmation at the festival to know the band better.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Welcome. A few months ago you officially said that you鈥檒l be taking part at the Iberian Warrior Metal Festival, here in Spain. How do you feel about that, acknowledging this would be your first time in the country?

THE HYPOTHESIS: Thank you! It feels great of course. Coming to play in Spain have been our plans for a while so this is going be blast for us. Hopefully we meet some amazing new people on the road.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: After your apparition at the Iberian Warrior Metal Festival, are you planning to play another date in Spain or the festival will be the only chance to see you here?

THE HYPOTHESIS: We will announce more european dates when they are official. We are planning to do a European tour at some point.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: In May you published 鈥極rigin鈥, how has this album been received by the fans?

THE HYPOTHESIS: The feedback from fans has been really great so far. We are glad about the results how album spread around the globe and caught so many new people.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: It’s always been said that Finland is the birthplace of metal, because there have been born many great bands, especially melodic death metal ones. Knowing that, has it been very difficult to find your own place in the music scene?

THE HYPOTHESIS: We haven鈥檛 really thought about that. In Finland it鈥檚 more about doing your own thing and not to compete with other bands. It鈥檚 a really small country so basically everyone knows each other pretty well.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: In Finland there鈥檚 a vast variety of music, we would like to know about your influences, those bands each of you has as a reference when making your own music.

THE HYPOTHESIS: We really draw our influences from all genres of music that we listen. If we had to mention one biggest influence, that would be Pantera.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Which are those bands that have served you as a reference during your career as musicians?

THE HYPOTHESIS: From perspective of a guitar player I could say Whitesnake have been one my biggest influences when it comes to playing guitar. Generally we listen all kinds of music. – Juuso –

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Which have been the reactions of your fans to your new material?

THE HYPOTHESIS: The only material so far we got is our debut album. The response have been amazing so far. It is really nice to hear for example that many of our fans have been looking for a band like The Hypothesis for a long time.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: One thing we wonder about is if is there any story behind your name, 鈥楾he Hypothesis鈥? Was it chosen simply because you liked it?

THE HYPOTHESIS: The name is meant to leave space for the music itself. We came up for 鈥淭he Hypothesis鈥 as it won鈥檛 automatically set any musical barriers.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Tell us about your lyrics. What can you tell us about them? From all of them, which is your favorite song to talk about? Is there any important message you鈥檙e willing to pass on in your songs?

THE HYPOTHESIS: Every song in Origin tells about a real existing person that we know. Also those songs have a theme of getting rid of old bad things/habits and instead embracing new good things.

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Keeping in mind the previous question, do you think you music is addressed to a specific kind of public?

THE HYPOTHESIS: We think our music is directed to people who listen mostly heavier music and like growling. We surely are going add depth and heaviness in our next material!

Subterr谩neo Webzine: Now that 2017 has been kick started, do you have any New Year鈥檚 resolution? (Regardingmusic, your personal life鈥)

THE HYPOTHESIS: We are currently writing new material and doing our first gigs of the year 2017. More exciting news to be announced later!

Subterr谩neo Webzine: This is it, guys! You can use this space to say anything you want. See you soon.

THE HYPOTHESIS: Hey guys! Go get our album Origin, and check our video 鈥淓ye for an eye鈥 on Youtube. Thanks for your support and see you on shows!