SPECTRAL WOUND (CAN) – A diabolic thirst, 2021 🇬🇧


– Versi贸n en castellano –

I am probably not bringing anything new today and I might even be a little late. Because, both, the name and the cover of A diabolic thrist have looped around the Internet since it came out, and has been spun in many turntables.

With their previous album, Infernal decadence (2018), they had already garnered a fair amount of recognition, so it was only logical that it would turn out to be a very acclaimed album. So much so that they have sold out practically all their physical material. 

The Canadians bring a raw/dirty production, associated with raw and old school black metal. But, beyond this and some occasional riffing, it’s not entirely their game.

In fact, through most of this work we are going to hear contemporary black metal, violent and melodic, mainly from the German school, but also French (SARKRISTA, FERRITERUM鈥), VOID OMNIA‘s kind of USBM, WODE and black and roll rhythms like 鈥Mausoleal drift鈥 or 鈥Diabolic immanence鈥 that ends up sounding more like DEATHSPELL OMEGA, and on the older side NAGLFAR, NARGAROTH

Variety within the style. All threaded with epic melodies, hurtful and addictive as heroin. Raging riffs that etch in our minds and drum patterns that will almost have no room for us to breathe.

Illusory‘s work on drums is really impressive, but each one of the musicians does a spectacular job. In fact, guitarist Patrick McDowall has also taken care of the mixing and recording of A diabolic thrist and Infernal decadence.

Forty minutes gathered in six tracks that go by in the blink of an eye. And that justifies more than enough that they have reached every corner of the scene. Profound lore knew it and made a good bet.

Knowing SPECTRAL WOUND’s trajectory, we can only sit and wait for our heads to blow again with whatever they bring next.