OROS (USA) – Orogenesis, 2022 🇬🇧


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From Fort Collins, Colorado, almost in the heart of the United States, comes one of the first novelties of 2022: OROS, a power trio made up of Joe Kester on vocals and guitar, Torin Harris on bass, and Mathew Mehrian also on guitar. Although, today without a concrete drummer, the effort of this position fell on Al Carrillo, who was in charge not only of programming the drums but also of mixing, mastering, and the production in general. This band emerged in 2019, and with names strongly inspired by geological themes they published their first EP, entitled Orogenesis, with the idea of ​​starting their musical career, which aims to join the space also filled by bands that linger between thrash and death metal but, with the aim of not to being one more band among the bunch.

Three simple songs that extend over fifteen minutes are enough to introduce them in a more than satisfactory way. Fast riffs, very aggressive voices in the best HAVOK style, and a well-honed sound mix are what stand out the most at a first glance (or listen). Although you can hear the determination to experiment and run through various subgenres such as groove metal, and those already mentioned, the thrasher vein seems to always come out.

«Titan» is the song that opens the album and, that exploits this area the most, pounding hard and almost without warning. They also surprise with an interesting solo in the middle. There is a groovier passage after it, but then they return with a brutal tutupá. Regarding this, I feel that perhaps the fact of using programmed drums limited the development of this band a bit, as the lines are rather conventional. Not that it doesn’t work, on the contrary, the end product is great; but it could be much better with someone throwing rollers and contraptions throughout the album.

Then the waters start to calm down, the transition begins and the path becomes less vertiginous, as «Deafening Silence» develops. Although it starts off very fast, the ambiance gets closer to MORBID ANGEL’s type of death metal, with some brutal plucking previous to a gloomy ending and seasoned by a cacophony at the end.

«A Sleepless Malice«, with a more ominous tone and a macabre vocal game by Joe Kester, already turned into a being from beyond with his somber register, until the violence starts to grow and then fades into silence. As for what the band’s next step will be like, it’s still a mystery. The best we can do for the moment is to take advantage of this release and keep an eye out for further developments.