NITE (USA) – Voices of the Kronian Moon, 2022 🇬🇧


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Many times it is not necessary to reinvent a style when you can start from what is already established and add your own personality to it. NITE release their second album entitled Voices of the Kronian Moon. This wave of bands recreates the sound of British heavy metal from the 80s in a more modern vein with reminiscent elements from Swedish black metal. In short, the current TRIBULATION albums with psychedelic overtones. The band led by Van Labrakis (SATAN’s WRATH) and Scott Hoffman (HIGH SPIRITS) brings an album that is, broadly speaking, quite dynamic, accessible, and has some strong pulls. Just about what is required for this genre?

If we get into the instrumental aspects, the album is very melodic but keeps the aggressiveness and the guitars, bass, and drums working quite well with each other. And not least, the vocals are very well balanced with the instruments and everything is in its place. The latter can be both an advantage and a disadvantage for the album because it may or may not please the listener. A matter of taste at the end of the day.

The meaning of the album is a series of references to various ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies, such as Acheron, known as the river of affliction, which was one of the rivers of Hades. The city of Heliopolis, which was of great importance in Ancient Egypt along with Thebes or Memphis, is also referenced in the album for being the main seat of the cult of the Sun in honor of the god Ra. Although the theme of this one is somewhat confusing because it does not really deal with the mythological themes mentioned but with a hero who sets out on an odyssey through space and time to an unknown world.

For the cover, they counted on an urban graffiti artist, who usually illustrates his works with science fiction scenes, and they wanted to use his services after seeing his work for a heavy metal magazine.

Finally, we come to the conclusion that NITE is a band that stands out not because of their contrast but because of what they are known for, their music is recognizable. They are one of the many nobel bands that nowadays try to do what they like and continue with other projects. We will see how they evolve in the next albums, it will be interesting!