Metalheads Against Discrimination


This initiative’s intent is to give visibility to bands formed by people belonging to groups that aren’t commonly seen in the music media dedicated to rock and metal. We are talking about women, the LGTBIQ+ group, non-white people, and those with disabilities.

To achieve this goal, Subterráneo Webzine will be governed by the following principles:

–  Actively search for groups formed entirely or partially by women, LGTBIQ+ people, people with functional diversity and non-white people. Based on the fact that the presence of these people on the scene is lower due, in part, to discrimination, the lack of references and stereotypes; we will work towards destroying that attitude. However, the bands that are included in this proposal will abide by the same standards of quality and editorial line as the rest of the content.

– Promotion, mentions or publications about bands whose musical themes (including lyrics, merchandising, artwork, forms of presentation or public promotion) have discriminatory attitudes or show intolerance towards the aforementioned people are forbidden.

Nevertheless, we reserve the right to decide the content of the site, individually and applying these principles to each specific case.