LOS MALES DEL MUNDO (ARG/GER) – Descent towards death, 2021 🇬🇧


With the emergence of the pandemic, and the eventual arrival of quarantine, musical projects that are interconnected worldwide began to proliferate, and this brought along a great power of experimentation – in some cases, they were so complex that they were idealized to play only in a studio, or to be enjoyed at home, on a record, cassette, or vinyl, or on the new streaming platforms that this new millennium has brought. Today, I present a project made up of Argentinian musicians with great German support, and even though their advent came far before the viral outbreak, they finished consolidating this project in these hard times, both with an EP and with this album.

LOS MALES DEL MUNDO (Spanish for the evils of the world) is focused on melodic black metal, composed by both, Cristian Yans, who takes the credits of the guitar, and by Dany Tee (today in ACATHEXIS and DONWFALL OF NUR, but with a prolific past in bands like of DEAD WARRIOR or IN ELEMENT) on vocals, drums and lyrics. Later, Nikita Kamprad was added informally as bassist and producer. In October 2020 they released a two-track EP, stylized as LMDM – EP, which got them an opportunity to sign a contract with Northern Silence Productions. Precisely, in reference to DONWFALL OF NUR, which was my first approach to atmospheric black metal, I find many reminiscences of this album, entitled Descent towards death, but with much more content from other brutal branches of heavy metal.

An interesting fact is that, before addressing the album itself, it opens and closes with fragments of notable dialogues from the Swedish film The seventh seal (Det sjunde inseglet in its original language) by Ingmar Bergman. It premiered in 1957, and it is a very dark film that surrounds its plot around death and the value of life. And there is a connection between the movie and the album, since the last one also pulls us through the darkest and most remote places of the human soul. Internal battle that are reflected on the most visceral and furious parts, together with dense and introspective landscapes that are full of melancholy.


And, this is how the album marks a hyperbole within feelings and aggressiveness. «Falling into nothing» starts with a faint melody overlaid with a vocal passage from the aforementioned film, until the explosion of the blast beats and the hopeless screams kick in. And the most exquisite thing about this song is that it has elements of both black metal and doom metal; ethereal settings and even changes of rhythm, all with an atmosphere full of anguish and a letter that contributes to this feeling. From here on, the album begins to go through a hectic path of brutality. Reaching an almost pure black metal style with “Eternal circle of vain efforts” and “Nothing but a lie”, which are less experimental and rather linear; maybe recalling some songs from BEHEMOTH, DARKTHRONE or, why not, the modern MAYHEM. Lastly, “The heavy burden” takes up the path of experimentation by blending what we heard at the begining with the acquired brutality of the intermediate songs. The picking on the middle segment, just like the solo at the end, are both magnificent. Closing the album in a majestic way, together with Antonius confession to The Reaper about the end of times (Det sjunde inseglet).

After the album was released, the musicians devoted themselves to promoting it, but there doesn´t seem to be much activity on their social media. Anyway, they surely are preparing their next release. As mentioned on my prologue, this project wasn´t conceived to go on stage, but with the increasing number of musicians offering to collaborate (according to Cristian Yans himself) it is possible that the picture could change and we may be able to see them live at some point.