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Here in Spain we have a negative concept about Youtubers: People who live by once’s wits thanks to unfunny videos made for thirteen year old kids. But, there’s more in the Youtube’s world. The American Jared Dines has gain his spot in the metal world during last year because of his humoristic videos, where he parodies bands, styles and characters from heavy metal and hardcore worlds. As a fan of his work, I want to know more about his tasks and try to know a little better the person that’s behind this character, who’s able to mock your favorite band, and achieve that you laugh of it too.

Subterráneo Heavy: You’re a multinstrumentalist, you play guitar, bass and drums at a high level (besides singing). But tell us, when did you start playing those instruments, how did you start?

Jared Dines: I started playing guitar when I was 13. Drums and vocals weren’t until years later.

Subterráneo Heavy: The beggining of your YouTube channel was quite different before than it is now. You mainly posted vocal covers and videos from the bands you played with and some collaborations, other videos to unveil underground bands, nothing special. But then, you uploaded the video “10 styles of metal”, and with it the turning point came. It’s featured on websites like Metalsucks, and I guess the visits to your channel started to grow. After that, the humoristic videos had dominated your channel. Do you believe that, that video was the breaking point? Or do you think it was another one?

Jared Dines: I think that video definitely put me on the map, but my follow up videos “Things xxxx say in the studio” really made people interested in following me. Once they saw I wasn’t just a “one off” YouTuber.

jareddines01Subterráneo Heavy: Also, the quantity of your uploads has risen up too, there isn’t any week without a new video. Has it become a real job for you, besides music?

Jared Dines: Yes, absolutely. It is my full time job now. I try to post at least 4 videos a week. It get’s very time consuming.

Subterráneo Heavy: Do you think people could make a living out of YouTube?

Jared Dines: Absolutely. People do it all the time.

Subterráneo Heavy: With that amount of videos, you have divided then in a few categories: Ask Jared, Things that xxxx say in the studio, style vs style… How is the process of making every video? Does it consume all of your time or can you share it with another activities?

Jared Dines: Some days I literally wake up, lock myself in the studio for 16 hours, then go to bed. Other days I have more free time to do other things. It just depends on what I need to get done that week.

Subterráneo Heavy: Speaking about «Things that xxxx say», some of the phrases you say sound so embarrasing that it’s hard to imagine that people can actually say it.

Jared Dines: Oh they say it. Haha. Obviously those videos focus on the negative things, but I’ve heard almost every one of those lines multiple times when I used to run my studio.


Subterráneo Heavy: Besides those categories, Have you thought about some new ones?

Jared Dines: Yeah, definitely. I’m always trying to come up with new ideas. Throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.

Subterráneo Heavy: You’re often associated with modern metal genres: Metalcore, deathcore, djent… How has the reaction of your videos been? Has anyone felt offended or pissed of because you make fun of those styles, or do usually people tend to watch your work with a sense of humour?

Jared Dines: 98% of people understand that I am doing my parody videos out of lighthearted fun. I love metal. All kinds of metal. I’m not bias to any genre. Obviously there will always be someone pissed off at what you do, and that’s just a given. I know when I get hate comments I’m reaching a new audience.

Subterráneo Heavy: I would also like to know, what other kind of stuff does Jared listens , as I’d said before, you’re associated with modern metal, but I know there’s life beyond that. What other stuff do you listen to?

Jared Dines: I really like melodic metal. A lot. Anything melodic really. Outside of metal I also like classical music, jazz, and straight up rock.

Subterráneo Heavy: Let’s talk about your musical endeavours. You’re vocalist on DISSIMULATOR, what can you tell us about your band? By the way, has your status as Youtuber helped DISSIMULATOR to be better known?

Jared Dines: The band has been a lot of fun since we started. We’re still together, just not very active. We all are consumed with work and being “adults” so finding time to do stuff is getting harder and harder. As far as being a youtuber helping with my band, it has a little bit. I never push my band on my Youtube account though. I also just started a project with Fluff [it’s friend, who plays guitars on that proyect .ndr] called REST, REPOSE and I’m drumming for that. It’s a lot of fun.


Subterráneo Heavy: Another thing that has drawn my attention is that you have your own studio (Joes Studio), where you record all your videos, give guitar lessons, and, of course, produce bands. How is your life as a studio owner?

Jared Dines: Joe’s Studio is actually currently closed down. But, it has been an amazing experience. I’ve met some awesome people and had many many awesome conversations with other musicians throughout the years.

Subterráneo Heavy: You make your own t-shirts and I think I even saw mugs. You’re a quite busy guy. Is there any other project, related to music that you’re involved with?

Jared Dines: Yeah, just my band with Fluff called REST, REPOSE. Other than that musically I’m not in anything else.

Subterráneo Heavy: Before we finish, and paying homage to your section “Underground Metal Monday”, could you recommend us some groups that have impressed you? Any from Spain?

Jared Dines: As far as bands that have impressed me, definitely check out HOT BEAVER. Very cool sound.



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