Subterráneo Webzine‘s editorial line focuses on metal, extreme metal, hardcore and associated subgenres. 

This comes with an ethical code, by which any band or entity whose musical theme (lyrics, merchandising, artwork and forms of presentation or public promotion) manifests discriminatory attitudes or intolerance towards women, LGTBIQ+ collective and/or non-white people will be exempt from promotion, mention and publication. 

Likewise, we also want to pursue the visibility of bands formed by people belonging to groups other than those we commonly see in the music press dedicated to rock and metal. We are talking about women, LGTBIQ+, non-white people and those with disabilities.

In any case, we reserve the right to decide the content to be published on an individual basis and applying these principles to each specific case.

Here is a list of the most plural sub-genres:

·  Thrash metal

·  Crossover

·  Groove metal

·  Doom metal

·  Death metal

·  Grindcore

·  Melodic death metal 

·  Black metal

·  Folk metal

·  Industrial metal

·  Nu metal

·  Power metal

·  Progressive heavy metal 

·  Sludge metal

·  Djent

·  Post-metal

·  Avant-garde

·  Metalcore

·  Deathcore

·  Old school hardcore

·  Crust punk

·  D-beat

·  Powerviolence

·  New York Hardcore

·  Beatdown

·  Mathcore

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