DEVOID OF THOUGHT (ITA) – Outer world graves, 2021 🇬🇧


– Versión en castellano –

DEVOID OF THOUGHT is a cosmic death metal band, ideal for fans of FALLUJAH, BLOOD INCANTATION, TIMEGHOUL or DEMILICH, given the ethereal characteristics of their songs, which fully exploit the virtuosity of their parts in a unique and «bizarre» way. After recording several singles and EP’s, Outer world graves came out as their first full-length album, in August of this year, under the wing of Caligari Records and Everlasting Spew Records, and consists of 5 songs, with cosmic and psychedelic schemes that will make you throb with all your senses, the colors of the outer space, as soon after the beginning of the second song.

That is because, in “Perennial dream”, which opens the gates of this album, we walk through a path of old-school death metal, though it flourishes with technical-progressive aspects and some deep gutturals by Andrea Collaro (credited as AC). Which, although it has ethereal overtones, continues to keep me down to earth as I headbang to the rhythm of all the tricks of both guitars. Since at the beginning of “Four cerulean ways”, we start to fly through the darkness and feel the melancholy and loneliness of space, with a magnificent introduction of duelling guitars, which is cut with apocalyptic plucks at the beginning of the stampede of the musical army, bringing us back to earth, with  a segment very similar to the mythical Scream bloody gore from DEATH.

However, this song is a roller coaster of sensations and tonalities (and exquisite atonalities that are worth mentioning) that, apparently, is nothing more than a prelude to “Effigies”, which is the Behemoth of the album. This eleven-minute track evolves through several stages, from a powerful beginning appealing to pure and raw death metal, a leisurely intermediate segment, as if they were catching their breath, to face the final third, where they raise the stakes and go for bombastic and epic death metal. At all times, the artists involved exploit their potential to their highest, from that single averaging the third minute, the infinity of guitar picks that exist in it and the lyrical that is highly colored by Lovecraftian environments, making the duration of the track justified, from my perspective, at least.

After this magnificent track, we end the album with two earthly songs, given that “Sidereal necrois” and “Stargrave”, maintain that nerve of OSDM, but the sensation of cosmic terror is lost, due to the brutal aspiration of a cruel and suffocating metamorphosis (even with a blood-curdling shriek-style scream, around minute six), which is the story told in the first one. In the second, on the other hand, the atmosphere experienced in the opening theme returns, but it is nothing more than a hint from the lyrics, that of an astral traveler who believes that has cheated death, but is dragging the reaper with him, on his sidereal journey.

The premise of the album is very ambitious, and I must be honest, the trips to space that I experienced in fact were short and scarce. However, it is the technique and virtuosity of the musicians that attracts and seduces with all their implements; the ability to generate complex atmospheres both dense and ethereal. And in the prolific nature of his stories that, as I already said, could easily take elements of the American writer, who created tales of dark swamps of horror. For my part, I feel that they have plenty of capacity to face this space trip 100%, as they did in «Effigies«, which is their winner. But despite this, it is an album that I enjoyed a lot, and I would totally recommend it for any listener, even though this type of metal isn’t in my “comfort zone”. So, I invite you to follow them on their social media in order to not miss any kind of news that they prepare for us.