COLOSSO (PTR) – Hateworlds, 2021 🇬🇧


– Versión en castellano –

If we search for the definition of ‘power’ in the dictionary, we’ll find that it’s “an amount of energy produced or consumed per unit of time”, but if as a definition we play COLOSSO’s Hateworlds album, the significance would be equally as valid. Released in January of 2021, the progressive and groove metal band from Portugal presents their fourth full-length album Hateworlds. Active since 2011, COLOSSO has been consistent with its heavy riffs, its guttural vocals, its fast drumming, and its general intensity. In the contiguity of their multiple projects, there are innovations and new ideas, but always being faithful to the essence of the band. The members of COLOSSO know who they are, and with Hateworlds, they mark their next step forwards.

Between their high-speed rhythm and their riffs, both «Graveyards», which opens the album, and the rest of the songs that follow don’t leave a moment to breathe. There is a clear consistency that makes a well-rounded project, but what stands out the most is the play with changing rhythms and dissonant vocal harmonies that give everything a sinister, yet perfect touch.

In what seems like a chaotic atmosphere, the production is in fact clean and clear. There is an excellent rapport between instruments, favoring the sound of the drums, which sounds like a machine gun. Due to the power and the register of the instrumental part, the voice sometimes gets lost when it goes into low vocal lines. In general, though, the cohesion between the different recording tracks is really good.


The album’s 35 minutes are characterized by their constant energy, their speed, and their heaviness that invite anyone to headbang. Still, the band doesn’t limit themselves to these characteristics as they also present two contrasting songs: «Silenced» and «Dias Piores Virão». The fifth track, «Silenced», is an instrumental led by acoustic guitars that play with sweet melodies while the bass and the drums mark the foundation at a slow tempo (or at least slow compared to the other songs of the album). At the beginning, the piece can surprise us by being different to the rest of the tracks, but with the introduction of notes in a minor tonality, the relation with the rest of Hateworlds is clear. The penultimate song, «Dias Piores Virão», translatable as ‘worse days will come’, is the doom track of the album. With its slow tempo and the strongly marked notes by the bass, there is an overall heaviness that leads into a high-speed ending.

To close the album, COLOSSO did what is frequently used to conclude a writing: a summary of the preceding. The song «Hateworlds» is a literal mix of the songs on the album. They took the different tracks and layered them over each other. Between the chaos and the mess, you can hear riffage from «Faceless», the voices in «Graveyards», or the drumming from «Hatred». If the band wanted to finish with a monumental ending and create a real-world of craziness, they accomplished it, and they did it in a totally innovative way.

As we can see, Hateworlds by COLOSSO is a potent, well-thought-out album filled with a dynamism that doesn’t let the listener down. This band and their last release have been a great personal discovery, and I can’t wait to listen to their next project. In the meantime, I will keep trying to figure out which songs belong to each part of the chaos that is the song «Hateworlds».