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-Castellano aquí-

The legions of ADE surprised us last year with the release of their third album, the epic Carthago delenda est. In just a few days we will have them back in Spain for seven shows in different cities. We take the occasion to talk to Fabivs (guitars) and Traianvs (vocals), to get to know the band better before their arrival.

Subterráneo webzine: First of all let me tell you I’m glad to interview you. Carthago delenda est was one of my favorite death metal albums of the last few years and it’s still among my frequent listens. Before asking anything I’d like you to please introduce the band to those who don’t know ADE yet.

Fabivs: Hi Antonio, thanks for your words, we are very happy about them. We also thank Subterráneo for this occasion, it is a pleasure to be a guest of your webzine. Io (Fabivs) and Diego (as Traianvs) will answer to this interview.

Let me briefly present ADE:

We are a band in the tenth year of activity. ADE were born with the intent of bringing Roman history to the music we love, that is death metal. Our last record Carthago delenda est came out last year and focuses on the Punic wars and the figures of Scipio and Annibale. For those who do not yet know us, this is the second time we come to play in Spain for the Conquering Hispania tour and we are really excited. We will be in seven different cities from 21 to 30 September. We are waiting for you on the battlefield.

Subterráneo webzine: The most identifiable feature of the band is the roman history concept. Where does your interest in Ancient Rome come from, and why do you think it mixes so well with death metal?

Fabivs: As you can imagine, the founder members of the group were from Rome. We were all passionate about Roman history, especially the first singer and old guitarist Rob, who are no longer part of the band. And of course we were all death metal fans, and since there was no group that united both themes, it seemed a good idea to be able to create the first group of Ancient Roman death metal that the music story has known.

Subterráneo webzine: Do you think there is an oversaturation of vikings and northern folklore within the european extreme metal scene? Why do you think it’s less common to choose the culture of Mediterranean Europe as a source of inspiration?

Traianvs: As mentioned in our making of the album, I’m convinced that there has always been an abuse of these themes in the metal. Metal itself is a product of Northern European culture and as such has always been the bringer of themes and mythologies linked to those cultures. This has changed over time, and nowadays there are a lot of new realities in the world metal scene that speak through their texts of mythologies tied to their own land. I believe that culture and the Mediterranean have a history and a mythology that others can only envy and that therefore we just have to be proud to be able to talk through their own music.

Subterráneo webzine: I personally loved Spartacus, but Carthago delenda est sounds much bigger and more epic. Was this your intention from the beginning? May we expect the next ADE albums going further in that direction?

Traianvs: I also really enjoyed Spartacus! Fuck, George Kollias himself plays on that record! I would very much like to take part in this. Carthago delenda est sounds much more symphonic than the past, much more powerful, full of orchestrations and got a better production. For the next album I think there will be a lot of new stuff. The theme we are thinking of for a few months is Giulio Cesare’s era. It is too early for speakin’ about musical coordinates. It will surely be a work that will be born from the ashes of Carthage.

Subterráneo webzine: Carthago delenda est marked the first union between ADE and Traianvs, whose vocal style I think fits perfectly with the band. How was the process of joining the band? Was there any kind of «new kid» treatment?

Fabivs: You know, after losing Flavio we have tried many Roman and Italian singers in general, and I have to admit that no one was astonished me as Diego (Traianvs). When he sent us the recorded material we immediately realized that it was the voice suitable for Carthago delenda est. Powerful, deep and with a number of possibilities broader than the past. In fact, in the album he has been widely shown to be able to sing in many ways. His adaptation to the band was also fast, in fact, he immediately began to break the balls to us, and it goes on this way (laughs).

Subterráneo webzine: There’s also a new drummer for the album, Commodvs (Giacomo). I think he did a splendid job, but did he feel pressured after having none other than George Kollias playing in Spartacus?

Traianvs: Well, for the drums, as you can imagine, it was not easy for poor Giacomo, be recording a disc where the expectations were extremely high both on our part and by those who already knew the Hades and heard Spartacus. We were together in the studio during the drumming, we just knew but we had a lot of fun. He’s a good guy and a great drummer. He does extreme things at a very high speed. If you can, listen to his brutal band BLOODTRUTH, really scary!

Subterráneo webzine: How demanding is it to play in a technical band like ADE? Is it difficult to combine the activities of the band with your normal lives?

Fabivs: It’s been almost ten years now that we live with these difficulties. This was one of the reasons why we had a lot of changes in the line up. At these levels it is clear that we have the need to do another job and we are already so lucky to have this second great business. Clearly we would love to be able to play more, I hope that in the future we will only do what we really like.

Subterráneo webzine: You’re working with Xtreem Music, which is a spanish label. Why did you sign with them and how do you feel with them?

Fabivs: Dave Sánchez from Xtreem is a good boy and he does his work with a lot of passion. He helped ADE a lot.

Subterráneo webzine: Soon you’ll be doing shows in no less than seven spanish cities. If I’m not wrong this will be the second time you come to Spain. What can you tell us about the experience last year? Did you feel weel received by the crowd?

Traianvs: Last year was a fantastic experience. Only four concerts but a phenomenal response we did not expect. We had hundreds of people and the shows were really crazy. This year we repeat, thanks to the great Begoña of Urmemetal who has organized seven concerts and even two days of vacations in a beautiful resort in the west of Spain, Emerita Augusta (otherwise known as Mérida) where we will be guests from 26 to 28 during the days when we will not play. In conclusion, there will be a very unforgettable tour and experience. We hope to see all our spanish legionaries.

Subterráneo webzine: As you know, Italy and Spain are culturally very close. The heritage of Ancient Rome is still present in many places in Spain. For example, you played in Cartagena the last time you visited the country. Have you thought about shows in Mérida or Tarragona?

Traianvs: Unfortunately this year we’ll not play there, but we will be there for two days on vacations (27 and 28 september) before leaving for the North Spain. We’ll be guests in Emerìta rock radio for an interview and for visiting the place. For all of those who want to meet us in Mérida, you can write to us directly or to Emerita rock radio‘s page.

Subterráneo webzine: How do you deal with the samples and symphonic sounds when playing live? Do you use computers?

Fabivs: Yes, we use recorded sequences with the original mix of the albums. Of course, it is the only way to bring live the orchestrations from Carthago delenda est. In the past we also had a member of the band playing typical Italian and Roman instruments on stage, but now we can not do it without a computer as sixth component of the band, to also re-propose the atmosphere that you can find on the records.

Subterráneo webzine: Just out of curiosity… ADE in spanish is commonly used to refer to «Administración y Dirección de Empresas» (business management). This sometimes makes it frustrating to look for information about the band in Google. Did you know this?

Traianvs: Honestly we didn’t know anything about this. I can only imagine that many businessmen can find ADE this way on the net (laughs).

Subterráneo webzine: What can you tell us about the italian scene? Are there any young bands that we should be paying attention to?

Traianvs: In Italy we have many new groups that are forming a new interesting wave of extreme metal. Just to name a few, besides the famous FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE, SCUORN and HELSLAVE, with whom I have the direct pleasure of collaborating, HIDEOUS DIVINITY from Rome, BLOODTRUTH (brutal death) and many others.

Subterráneo webzine: What about your future plans? When will we have a new ADE album?

Fabivs: We hope to publish the new ADE during the second part of 2018 or at least during 2019. It will talk about the Caesar’s Era and will be the most powerful of our career. Follow us for the next news.

Subterráneo webzine: Thanks a lot for your time. The last lines are yours to say anything you want.

ADE: We call to arms all our Spanish Legionaries… We need you to conquer the world! We want to thank Subterráneo, Irene López and you, Antonio, for your time and for this space. See you next week in Spain, Ave Legions!!!